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Picture of Online Image Leveraging Success
Standing out to potential employers can be an easy task if you approach your participation on social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and blogs as an opportunity to highlight the unique skills and experiences you would bring to the workplace. Social media and other online resources are invaluable resources for networking, learning, and identifying opportunities to advance your career.

Ways to positively utilize the following online tools and social media platforms:

Hire System on
  • OSU’s job posting database is called the Hire System. Students and active OSU Alumni Association members have the ability to connect with thousands of employers through this resource.
  • Complete a profile highlighting demographic information such contact information, major and grade point average, and the type of opportunity you are seeking (part-time/work-study/internship) to allow for the opportunity to apply for positions for which you qualify.
  • Upload an updated, professional version of your resume so employers have the best impression and understanding of your credentials.
  • Access employers’ contact information through the Search Employers feature or by attending events highlighted in the upcoming events calendar such as career fairs, employer connection sessions, or programs hosted through OSU Career Services and the Career Services offices within each of the colleges.

  • Update your profile so that it is an accurate depiction of your skills and abilities.
  • Join networking groups related to your professional interests and play an active role in discussions.
  • Utilize the Jobs tab to search for jobs and internships in areas that interest you.
  • Network by adding connections to people and professionals you know.
  • Search for individuals who have the type of position you hope to one day obtain and follow them to learn from their experience.
  • Join the Oklahoma State University Alumni Association LinkedIn group.
  • Follow industry leaders, companies, and professional associations so that you can gain insight into your profession.

  • Follow companies, organizations, and people that interest you.
  • Follow @HireOSUgrads and the Twitter feed(s) for your college.
  • Retweet content and comments that interest you, as this is a great way to connect with other like-minded professionals.
  • Ask questions to gain valuable feedback and opinions, especially as it pertains to your desired career field or employment opportunities.
  • Utilize hashtags to be able to stand out in the search process for key words, or ask followers to add their own hashtag to a given topic. Useful hashtags: #OkState, #Jobs, #Internship
  • Share interesting articles so that others see that you’re keeping up on your field, learning about trends, and can learn a bit more about you.

  • Realize a picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure your pictures tell a professional picture of you and your collegiate experience.
  • Share pictures of you participating in volunteer service projects or in a leadership role.
  • Post a photo or two from professional networking events – such as you at a career fair, connection session, or OSU Career Services workshop.

  • Create and maintain your About section in a way that accurately portrays you as a job candidate and be mindful of how your personal brand appears to employers.
  • Look for groups that relate to your interests through industry, networking, and alumni groups.
  • Share information with others by posting or sharing interesting content related to your career aspirations.
  • Maintain a positive image by posting and approving only the pictures that present you in a positive light and support your personal brand.

Blogs/Personal Websites/Portfolios
  • Create your About Me or Summary section in a way that gives employers a chance to understand who you are and what kind of opportunities you are seeking.
  • Develop content that is professional in nature and meaningful so that all viewers have a chance to connect with you.
  • Include your professional resume. However, for a public site you may wish to remove sensitive information such as your address.
  • Post pictures that support your personal brand and career interests.
  • Promote discussion by monitoring your blog or website for comments and responding quickly.

  • Create dedicated boards that relate to your major or industry.
  • Follow companies or organizations that regularly post content.
  • Offer comments or feedback via re-pins or community board postings.
  • Watch for opportunities to participate on select group content boards. It can be an opportunity to connect with highly active media leaders for your interest area.

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