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Self-exploration is the process of identifying your interests, skills, personality type, achievements, and values. These five areas of self-exploration can be assessed and evaluated in a number of ways. Choosing the right major and career path requires you to personally assess these areas and determine the best fit.

To start, ask yourself a few simple questions:
Once you list these things, try to think of some jobs you might like. If you have trouble identifying some of these things, don't worry; Career Services offers consulting and assessments for each area of self-exploration.

Consulting Sessions
Your academic advisor is not just there to sign off on your classes, they also help you navigate the academic waters and make solid decisions. Make an appointment with your advisors often and talk to them about majors you are considering.

Also make an appointment with a Career Consultant to talk about majors and careers.

Career Assessments
Career Services offers a variety of assessments to help you decide on a major and career path.

Picture of Tratify Free FOCUS 2 is an online, interactive, career and education planning system designed to help you choose a major, build career goals and learn job information.

New User: Register here. Existing User: Login here.

Picture of TruTalent Free Do you want to find ideas of what you could do and would enjoy based on your personality? Take the TruTalent Personality assessment and learn about the link between personalities and careers.

New User: Obtain your access code here.
Existing User: Visit the TruTalent site at Human eSources.

Picture of Kuder Free Kuder Journey is an innovative, internet-based system combining research-based interest, skills, and work values assessments with portfolio development, and comprehensive educational and occupational exploration resources.

To access Kuder Journey, create a free account at OKCareerGuide.
Used Kuder before 10/1/2015? Access your account here.

Picture of StrengthsQuest Premium - Students $15, Alumni $20 CliftonStrengths, designed by Gallup, gives you the opportunity to develop strengths by building on your greatest talents - the way you naturally think, feel and behave as a unique individual. StrengthsQuest can provide you with guidance and ideas for your career.

To take CliftonStrengths, contact your Career Consultant.

Picture of Strong Interest Inventory Premium - Students $15, Alumni $20 The Strong Interest Inventory assesses interests, not skills or abilities.  The results can help guide you to a rewarding major and career.

To take the Strong Interest Inventory, contact your Career Consultant.

Picture of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Premium - Students $15, Alumni $20 The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator identifies sixteen personality types that can be used to describe people. Learning your type will help you better understand yourself, improve your daily life, and focus your career.

To take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, contact your Career Consultant.

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