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Virtual Career Fairs - Frequently Asked Questions

Visit this page for tips and guidance -

Still having trouble? Contact us at

Yes. Once you have received an invite link to the platform, you can view and manage your schedule, view profiles of students that have booked meetings with you, as well as conduct your meetings all through your browser.

If you wish to make private notes about candidates directly onto their profiles or indicate students who are “no shows”, you will need to download the Career Fair Plus app.

Please start by checking your spam or junk folder. If you still have not received it, please contact OSU Career Services at for a new link. Please note, these are single-use links, and must be opened in Chrome or Firefox.

Please reach out to OSU Career Services at to receive a new link. Please note, these are single-use links, and must be opened in Chrome or Firefox.

You will have access to the profiles of students who booked meetings on your schedules as long as the fair is active on the platform. You can download this data from your recruiter account once you login on Career Fair Plus app.

Video Icon How to Download Your Data

You will be able to see the resumes and profiles of any students and alumni that have booked meetings on schedules associated with your company. You will not be able to see any details of students and alumni that have not scheduled a time to speak with your company.

You may choose to turn your camera off in our video chat rooms and communicate via audio only; however, we recommend keeping your camera on during your meetings.

You will have access to candidate details, including email addresses and phone numbers from your Schedule dashboard.

We typically recommend recruiters each having their own schedule, and then modifying their availability if they are splitting the day up with other colleagues.

For example: Recruiter A only has availability from 10am to 12pm, and Recruiter B only has availability from 12pm to 2pm. However, in the event this decision is made very close to the Fair day, and there is not enough time to reconfigure the appointments, or in the case that you wish to have additional recruiters present on the same schedule, you can send a request to to have us add your colleagues on as additional recruiters.

They will then receive an email invitation to create a profile on our platform, and once they do so, they will have access to all schedules associated with your company, as well as the links to the video meeting rooms.

To begin with, always pre-test the platform in advance of the virtual fair; give your camera and microphone the relevant access permissions, and even test the user experience by sending the room link to a colleague or friend.

However, even if you have pre-tested, we recommend having a contingency plan just for worst-case scenarios. This can be anything that works for you but keep it simple: it might just mean a phone call to the candidate to connect.

Before the fair we will have a live Employer Helpdesk (link coming soon) where the Career Services team will be available to answer questions and help with technical difficulties. The Helpdesk will be open from 8:00am – 11:00am.

If you have technical difficulties after the Helpdesk is closed, please reach out to us at

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