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Promote Your Brand
Corporate Sponsorship is a great way to increase brand awareness on campus while contributing to the success of students utilizing OSU Career Services.

  Orange Cowboy
Included orange cowboy benefit Recognition as a sponsor at all Career Services-facilitated fairs
Included orange cowboy benefit Acknowledgement as a sponsor for the Student Employee of the Year Recognition Program
Included orange cowboy benefit Plus Platinum & Gold Cowboy benefits

Platinum Cowboy
Included Platinum cowboy benefit Official company logo on an interview room door
Included Platinum cowboy benefit Recognition as a sponsor at Business, STEM, and All Majors Career Fairs
Included Platinum cowboy benefit Website banner with link on
Included Platinum cowboy benefit Plus Gold Cowboy benefits

Gold Cowboy
Included Gold cowboy benefit Company logo on Career Services Corporate Sponsor wall
Included Gold cowboy benefit Banner on with your company logo
Included Gold cowboy benefit "Employer Spotlight" once per semester in weekly student newsletter (sent to more than 24,000 students)

Premier Sponsor Level - Career Center Sponsor - Contact for pricing

Permium sponsor cowboy benefit Official company logo placement on Career Center entry points in the Student Union

Permium sponsor cowboy benefit Premier logo location on Career Services Corporate Sponsor recognition wall

Permium sponsor cowboy benefit Full page ad in every campus newspaper via a Career Fair Special Edition once per semester

Permium sponsor cowboy benefit Constant Banner on with your company logo and website link

Permium sponsor cowboy benefit Plus all Orange, Platinum, and Gold Cowboy benefits

Career Fair Sponsor - $1000 per Career Fair
Career Fair sponsors will be recognized in pre-fair materials, ads, and publications as well as in multiple locations at the career fair of your choice.

All Corporate Sponsorship benefits will be effective for one year beginning at enrollment date. Multiple year commitments may qualify for additional benefits.

To become a Corporate Sponsor, contact Philip Goodwin at 405-744-5253 or

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