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Career Services Guest Speakers
Would you like to have a Career Services staff member as a guest speaker for your class, workshop or event? Career Services hosts a variety of workshops throughout the year. We realize that some classes and student organizations may have topics they’d like to see covered by our office for the campus, or even presented specifically to their group. If there is a topic you need addressed, please check our Events page for workshops that may fill your need. If none are appropriate for your group’s need, you may complete our workshop request form. Please fill out the request from at least 7 days prior to the meeting or event. Upon submitting your request, you will hear back from our staff members within 2-3 business days.

To request an employer to present to your group, please refer to the Employer Guest Speakers below. Please Note that many of these employers are not Stillwater-area companies, so more advanced notice is appreciated. You will need to make arrangements with the employer directly.

For more information or questions, contact Lindsay Vallaster at

Employer Guest Speakers
OSU Career Services partners with employers to provide employer guest speakers for student clubs, organizations, and other campus groups. Feel free to access our list of available speakers below and contact speakers directly.

Adjusting to the Workplace:
  • Backpack to Briefcase by Eric Woodworth
    There are a lot of things that college doesn't teach you. This presentation will help you avoid the pitfalls that people new to the workforce encounter.

  • Backpack to Briefcase by Marie Hazelton
    The presentation discusses do's and don'ts as well as realistic expectations a recent grad should consider when getting ready for their first full-time job.

  • Career Management and Entrepreneurship by Matt Colby, Director of Agency Support
    Mr. Colby joined Goosehead’s Dallas office in 2007 as an Account Executive and two years later cofounded our first satellite office in Houston. Promoted to Partner and Director in 2011, Mr. Colby specializes in career management, entrepreneurship, and sales management.

  • Building a Career: How to Make the Most of Your First Professianal Job by Toni Parks-Payne
    I am happy to present on any subject related to corporate services, interviewing, HR skills, entering the workforce, etc. Many of my areas of responsibility for CHK hire entry-level, yet professional positions. I am happy to speak on how to get your foot in the door, make a good first impression and develop your career.

Career Readiness and Preparation:
  • Start up or a Fortune 500 company - what is best for your career? by Ajay Vonkarey
    In today's world Entrepreneurship is as important as starting a career in a large company. Graduates need to make the right choice based on their background, interest and more importantly financial capability. As a Entrepreneur and also working in a Fortune 500 company, I can share my experience with both and help graduates choose the best.

  • Backpack to Briefcase by Eric Woodworth
    There are a lot of things that college doesn't teach you. This presentation will help you avoid the pitfalls that people new to the workforce encounter.

  • Secrets from a Campus Recruiter by Julia Jordan
    Mrs. Jordan specialty topics focus on post-graduate career planning and how to effectively market yourself to recruiters.

  • Presentation Topic by Kristina Hagan
    Resume Dos and Don’ts, LinkedIn profile, Social Media Dos and Don'ts, Interview tips, Presenting yourself professionally, How to best work with a recuiter

Industry Specific:
  • Customer Service by Jamie Haynes
    This is very interactive presentation that talks about the importance of customer service. Regardless of the industry or specific role, customer service will likely play a part in your job duties.

  • Managing the Supply Chain by Jamie Haynes
    Talk about how a supply chain works specific to our company and make it easy to understand.

  • Ethics by Laurie Rosenbaum
    Good vs Right ethics presentation; exploring how to make sure you are constantly sticking to your values and avoiding the temptation to make unethical decisions

  • Goosehead Story by Mark Jones, CEO
    Mr. Jones is the co-founder and hasserved as Chief Executive Officer since inception in 2003. Under his leadership, Goosehead has grown to be among the largest and fastest growing personal lines insurance agencies in the country. Mr. Jones holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and specializes in lecturing on entrepreneurship, business development, and strategy.

  • Marketing Classes Presentation by Matt Pattillo, Sales Director
    Smart Marketing:Discussion on how to go about marketing effectively when you are on a tight budget.

  • About Triumph Foods by Kacey Rieger
    Overview of Triumph Foods and our Employment opportunities for students.

Job Search:
  • The Career Search by Jamie Haynes
    How to work a career fair, Interview do and don't tips, How to evaluate the offer process, The entire job search from start to finish.
    **this is a very interactive and fun presentation**

Soft Skills:
  • How to have difficult conversations by Marie Hazelton
    The presentation discusses how to manage difficult conversations and provided specific techniques to overcome tricky situations.

  • Interview Skills & Tips by Laurie Rosenbaum
    Skills and tips for interviewing. Cover common interview questions, how to dress, how to prep yourself, etc.

Understanding Benefits and Financial Planning:
  • Evaluating the Offer by Jamie Haynes
    This presentation walks students through how to compare multiple offers. It is important to look at more than the base salary, including: benefits, moving allowances, bonuses, how to take into consideration the cost of living differences...if your multiple offers are for various cities, the salary amount will matter based on that, etc. This presentation also has a budgeting aspect to it. We walk students through how to budget for life after college...which plays a crucial role in how to evaluate the offer.
    **this is a very interactive and fun presentation**

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