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Supervisors should have on-going open communication with their employees pertaining to performance and providing feedback.

Feedback & Evaluations
Written formal performance evaluations are not required for student employees, however they are a great way to allow employees to develop and continue to grow as a professional. A performance evaluation sheet that may be used can be found under forms.

Students are expected to dress appropriately and carry themselves in a professional manner while on the job. Professionalism includes showing up to work promptly and also showing respect to you as their supervisor, their coworkers and those that they are serving.

Termination of Employment
Typical behaviors that result in termination include chronic absences or tardiness, conflict of interest or unsatisfactory work performance. Before termination, it is recommended that there be a progressive disciplinary process, for more information reference Maximizing Performance under the Supervisor Toolkit on the Human Resources webpage listed here.

Performance Incentives
Positive reinforcement should be used within your department to continue to motivate students to excel in the work place. A method that is used for on and off campus students is OSU Student Employee of the year. If you have a student that you feel does an exemplary job in the workplace, you may nominate them (when nomination form is active) to be recognized at the spring awards banquet.

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