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Throughout the college years, parents and caregivers continue to impact the lives of their students. While providing emotional, academic, and financial support during this time in their student's life, parents/caregivers can also provide career-related support.

The staff of OSU Career Services recognizes the impact parents have in the lives of their students, especially in regards to their initiative in career planning. You, as a parent/caregiver, can encourage your student in this process and help them to attain the career they desire.

This website is designed to inform you and help you to know the steps to take in encouraging your student with their career plan.

OSU Career Services is available to students throughout their stay at OSU. We encourage students to use the wide range of services we offer as part of their collegiate experience at OSU. Students may contact our office at (405) 744-5253 or send us an email to

For additional resources regarding your student's college experience, please visit the OSU Parent's Association.

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