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A Four Year Plan
Encourage your student to take advantage of OSU Career Services during all four years of college.

  • f you can, visit the OSU campus with your student to learn about college and show support.
  • Encourage your student to meet with professors, advisors, and college career consultants.
  • Visit with your student about different activities on campus that are of interest.
  • Encourage your student to use the OSU Career Services website to search for part-time employment and/or internship opportunities.
  • Encourage your student to research career fields in their areas of interest and strengths.

  • If your student is undecided about a major, encourage him or her to visit a college career consultant.
  • Keep lines of communication open with your student and discuss careers of interest.
  • Encourage your student to follow his or her passion and make choices that encompass that passion.
  • If you have colleagues, friends, or relatives in a similar career, offer to setup a meeting for an informational interview with your student.
  • Encourage your student to seek career-related experience over the summer, through part-time, full-time, internship, or volunteer opportunities.

  • Encourage your student to take classes and join activities that will enhance their marketability in the career field they have chosen.
  • Encourage your student to participate in career-related activities, such as career fairs, on-campus interviewing, and other workshops.
  • Assist your student by networking with your associates, friends, and relatives.
  • Encourage your student to get a career-related or volunteer experience that matches their career choice.

  • Ask your student how you can help.
  • Listen to your student.
  • Offer to talk about your student's career goals.
  • Offer to assist with networking.
  • Encourage your student to participate in career activities, such as career fairs and on-campus interviewing.
  • Encourage your student to make appointment with advisors and college career consultants.
  • Talk with your student about graduate or professional school plans.
  • Listen, be Patient and Relax.


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