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The first step in career planning is to encourage your student to become acquainted with the Career Services Office in his or her college. This will put them in contact with people in their college who have insider information on career development for their area of study. They can give advice on building resumes, succeeding in the interview, current events to attend, and potential employers looking for students in their field.

You can also help your student by networking with pertinent contacts you may have. Help your student develop contacts for advice, information, and assistance in career development and, eventually, job search. Put your student in contact with your friends, colleagues, neighbors, relatives, and other community members with experience in his/her field of interest.

Encourage your student to develop a rapport with faculty members by taking advantage of professors' office hours. These relationships have many benefits, including being potential references for internships, jobs, and graduate schools.

The experience gained through a part-time job, internship or volunteer experience can also put students in touch with valuable contacts. An internship is any career related experience that provides exposure to an occupation, industry, or career. It can be for pay, for credit (coordinated through an academic department), and completed in the summer, fall, or spring. Many students participate in internships as a part of their career development.

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